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Stat @Level 100 Rank {Type} Rank


# Pokémon Type Catch Rate Evolve to


Region Route Level Exp Team Exp

Name in other languages

Language Title

Damage Modifiers

Damage Dealt to
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PokéIdle Database


PokéIdle Database

  • v0.7 Load your own pokedex !

    You can now load your pokedex to see which pokemon you have/had (+shiny) so it will be easier to define your farm routes based on what you already have.
  • v0.6 Dual types

    • Pokemons now have dual types (the game is taking the 2nd type into calculations now).
    • You can see all modifiers in the Poke Description, and also click on them to see which pokemons have the type combo.
    • Updated the Poke Description UI
    • You can filter strict dual type (type1 AND type2) in Pokedex and Pokemon Per Route using the search bar
    • Poke Description: Added Previous and Next Pokemon, can click on
    • Poke Description: Added leading zeros to pokedex number
    I don't know what to do for the Pokémap with the dual type update yet.
    Still have to do with the Stats ranking of the 2nd type
  • v0.5 Pokémon Translations

    Translations for every pokémons added in descriptions.
    Currently the following languages has been added :
    • English Full name
    • French
    • German
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Chinese Traditional (Mainland & TW)
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Russian (Missing few pokémons)
    If you have a list of all official pokémon names in other languages (including their different forms), send me a message on Discord (Hayenn#0109) and I'll add it.
  • v0.4 Search bar, Clear Fields, and Direct Link to Pokémon Profiles

    • You can now search in Pokédex using the search bar
    • Use the Clear Fields Button to reset the filters
    • When opening a Pokémon Description, if you copy the link, the website will directly open on the Profile
    • Added Catch Rate & Pokémon Images on the Poké Description
  • v0.3 Pokémap + Poké Description update

    The Pokémap has been added : It lists all routes with their level zone and each types of pokémons.
  • v0.2 Basic Pokédex & Basic Pokémon Description

  • v0.1 Pokémon per Route

# Pokemon Type Region Route Min Lv Max Lv Min Exp Max Exp Min Team Exp Max Team Exp Catch
# Min Lv Max Lv Min Exp Max Exp Min Team Exp Max Team Exp Catch
# Pokemon Type HP ATK DEF SPD Base Exp Catch Growth Evolution Routes Power DPS
# Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Lv.100 Base Exp Catch Growth Power DPS
Region Route Min Lv Max Lv Pokémon Types Pokémons
Min Lv Max Lv Pokémons

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#102 Shiny not in team anymore
#103 Shiny in team
#104 Normal in Team